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Metriaclima Lombardoi


In my personal oppinion a very aggresive fish. My Alpha male has taken a territory of 25% of my tank. But its a very be
autifull fish. Their colors are somewhat reverse of the usual male/female colors since the males are yellow and the females blue. It lives in the transitionzone in the wild. Its size is about 14 cm for the male and 11 for the female. According to my aquarium litterature their broodsize is about 40, but the last two my female unleashed was 49 and 52. While we are describing this fish i wills how you some pictures from when my female was nursing it cuties :)  


Picture of a male                                  Picture of a female                            

Both the female lombardoi and the auratus can take on male colors when getting old

                                                                                                  Taking care of the little ones