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Pseudotropheus demasoni


One of the smaller mbuna. This fish looks very cute at first sight but dont be fooled. Even though it looks like the male saulosi thats where the resemblance ends. They are very different. These fish are extremely aggressive even towards other species. However if you make sure there are enough of them they will turn against their own species primarily. In the tank their are found in the top rocky formations, standing watch over their territory. It is a most interesting mbuna. Even though they are aggresive i still would recommend this fish. Its a beautifull fish where the female and male are identical (almost, males tend to be a tad stronger in color than females). The male size reaches 8 cm and the female 6. But these fish need as much territory as bigger mbuna. In the wild they feed of the rock eating algae and aufwuchs. Usually found in the wild in the top 4 meters of the rock biotope and near large boulders. Their broodsize is around 15 pr brood.



                         female brooding                                                                                          

                    female brooding