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Pseudotropheus tropheops chilumba


One of my latest mbuna's is this Pseudotropheus Tropheus sp Chilumba. I have found them under many names also the name tropheus sp chilumba, but i like the people that use the pseudotropheus infront of it so that you dont confuse it with the cichlids of tanganika. The male of the species is simply gorgeus. It has a unique mix of colors normally only seen in haplochromis species. The female however is more like the general mbuna female. Yellow with black markings on the side. Thus far it has behaved very well, it defends it self but its not aggresive towards other species in the tank. I have chosen to have 1 male with 3 female. Its a 'regular' size mbuna where the male reaches 13 cm and the female reaches 9 cm. Its found in nature in the rocky biotope and in the transition zone. Its primary food in the wild is algae. Its a very productive fish with broodsizes of 35 +. If you can get hold of this fish this is one i deeply recommend. Very beutifull fish indeed.





                    Female brooding